Baby Blankets!

Got the idea to do some soft and light fleece baby blankets! These will be great for the spring months when you want something soft and a little warm to wrap baby in. They can also serve as a play blanket to put down for baby to lay and play on. I love when things…

Custom covers!

I came up with a project to do with some of my fabric! Stop by my shop and order one that will be pre-made or place a special order for a specific fabric or theme! Shop here! 

Zippered pouch

I got 2 zippered pouches completed today and I think they turned out pretty sweet! I plan to do some for St. Patrick’s Day and for Easter so keep a look out!

Valentine’s Day 

I can’t believe it’s right around the corner!! The year has just flown by and I am about to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary on the most romantic day of the year! So why not celebrate the day with a lovely little project!!  What will you be doing to prepare for this Valentine’s? Comment below!

Rainy Days

There is something sleepy about rainy days. I often want to just curl up with a book or a movie and then take a nap! I’m going to try and fight that urge today by getting to work on making some products to sell in my Etsy shop! In the meantime, I would like to…