About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by to learn more about me! Like so many other women I have many roles to fill. Currently I am a wife and a stay-at-home mom of 2 in rural Southeastern Oklahoma, although I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia. I have also had the privilege of earning the title of United States Marine which took me to a bunch of other states as well. That usually prompts people to envision GI Jane knitting but I assure you that I was never so bold as to shave my head, lol! Despite all that adventure, there is one role I would still like to fill, and that is to be a craft business owner. I actually started my crafting career long before I knew what being a crafter even meant. The first project I can recall involved making bookmarks for my family out of the wrapping paper samples from our school fundraisers. Even then I seemed to have a knack for being a “thrifty crafter”!

Since then I have gone on to try out all kinds of different crafts for my family, friends and coworkers. That’s what I love about crafting, I can make something one-of-a-kind that speaks to that one person! To do so I have ventured to learn more about various types of art and crafts. I have even taken a bunch of college courses for art as well as learning even more on my own along the way. I have done photography, sculpting, jewelry making, painting, sketching, 2-d design, refurbished furniture, made furniture, crocheted, knitted, cross-stitched, beaded, quilted, HTV, crafted, and crafted some more!

When I had my first child, a girl, I started to get back into sewing. As I shopped around for patterns to crochet a layette (which I will post pics of here), I was also looking for sewing patterns for dresses (there’s just something special about those sweet little boutique type dresses!!). It was then that I also discovered Pinterest! I was in HEAVEN! Before I knew it, my days were being consumed by the “Pin It” button and my boards were filling up. Unfortunately I wasn’t doing anything with the amazing ideas. So I finally resolved to begin making some of these amazing projects that I had found. I started taking pictures of how I went through the projects like I had seen some bloggers do and I thought, “I might like to try this blogging thing too…”.

“Life is what happens while you’re busy doing other things.”

~Cheryl Martin (my mommy!) 

While I tried to start a small business by making custom totes and purses, life happen and years flew past. I went back to work and I had grown to accept that I might be just a bistander to the whole crafting craze, all the while I continued to sew and craft and I received many compliments on my purses and dresses and crafty gifts. I often heard, “You could make money selling that!”  And I always thought, “Oh if only…”

But life has a way of circling back around…

After accepting that maybe one child was just fine for us, we were surprised with our son! Once we got settled in with our new routine, the dream came alive in me once more, “Maybe I still could be a craft blogger & Etsy shop rockstar!?”

“So here I am, just a girl, trying to make all her crafting dreams come true! (Meaning, I might be able to fund my love of crafting and maybe, just maybe, break even!)”

~Amy Harrison (me, just now)

So please join me in my new life adventure as a crafting extraordinaire! I will attempt to bring you useful tips, inspiration, and maybe even some crafty items for purchase that will keep you coming back for more (and help fund my love of crafting!)

Check out my links for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and my Etsy shop!

Please leave a comment or just sign up for updates so I can keep in contact with all you loverly folks!

Remember, always make it with love!

Amy Harrison

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