Etsy Multi-variation Pic Tutorial 

It’s been a while since I have done a post and it’s about time I did. With 2 young children, end of school, and starting a business, it has been difficult to keep up with all of the tech stuff, but I do my best!

I have had a couple Etsy sales (yay!) and I’m working on expanding what I’m able to offer. One product that has done well is my Custom HALO Bassinest cover that I make. I have a few fabrics on hand, but I realistically have access to more, so I’ve made 2 listings offering a wider variety of fabric options, about 120 in fact, and that presented a challenge on Etsy. As any Etsy shop owner will tell you, it can be frustrating to only be able to post 5 pictures with any given product listing. For some items that works out just fine, but for fabric options, it means creating a bunch of listings and a ton of typing and rearranging and more typing and corrections…. you get the idea. So, I borrowed in idea I got from a neat little cross stitch book called Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean. In her book she uses a row and column grid to “label” each of her design features for a cross-stitch person. I don’t want to display a portion of her book without permission, so here is my homage to her wonderful idea!

In order to make this lovely pic, I used a my iPad Photos app and an app called Pixomatic. I will now attempt to share this process for any and all who wish to use it with their shop.

First, I had to take pictures of all of the fabric. Then, using my iPad, I took screen shots of my photos in my album. I then cropped them down to remove the top and bottom portions, but I made sure to leave some space at the bottom for my grid coordinates. 

Next I opened the picture in and app called Pixomatic. It does cost money, but it’s totally worth it for these types of projects. So here’s what the pic looked like when I started:

Once I had chosen my “background” I chose the text option and I started adding the grid coordinates and page numbers. 

*** Page numbers are important and need to change for each page, this allows you to create easy variation labels on your Etsy listing

You have to pick a text color and move it to the spot you want it. You can also resize it or tilt it. 

Then you click apply to save the text.

Now here is where Pixomatic is worth the money; once I saved my pic after adding all of the grid coordinates, I simply changed the background picture to the next photo, and so on, and so on, until I had all of my gridded pictures made! To save the picture you click the Share icon.

And lastly, you choose to Save Image.

And here are all of my pages!

As you see, on Page 7, I had less pictures, so all I had to do was delete the coordinates that I didn’t need! Also, the text you add is resizable and can be repositioned as well to sit right where you want them on each pic. Tons of time saving goodies in this app.

The next part is to create your listing on Etsy. If you are a shop owner, you probably know how to list variations, but if you need help with that part, I can walk you through that as well. Just send me a message or leave a comment on this post. In any case, when I listed my variations, I labeled them “Page 1-1A, Page 1-2A, Page 1-3A” and so on. What was really nice, and thanks for this Etsy, you can copy a listing! Why is this really cool? Because if you have a bunch of option pictures like I did and you still can’t fit them in one listing, you can just change your page numbers on all of your pics to 1,2,3 like I had to. So I have 2 listings, here is the first and the second. So you can see that all I had to do was change the pictures for the listings.

So there it is! Hopefully these steps have made sense and you can use this method to expand your product options, and maybe make your life a little easier! If you still have questions, please let me know in a comment or message.

Take care and make it with love!


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