Half Square Triangles!

It has been a while since I was able to make a post but I’m here to share my technique for making half square triangles! There are a whole bunch of ways that people make them and each way has its advantages. The way I’m going to show you today is useful to me when I’m using charm squares (5″ squares of fabric). 

The first thing I do is pair up the squares. This process is going to involve some planning since each charm square pair makes 2 hst (half square triangle). The pattern I made has each colored square paired with a white sqaure which makes things super easy! If you are using patterned fabric, you will need to make sure that you put the right sides of your fabric together (that’s the patterned side and not the back). 

Once all of your sqaure are paired up, you can start marking your sewing and cutting lines as shown below. 

You have to mark the cutting line from one corner to the opposite corner. 

Then you mark a quarter inch on either side, these will be the sewing lines.

Then sew!

You can see the lines better on the colored side. 

Now, you have to cut them on the middle cut line from one corner to the opposite corner. 

In the next step, I like to cut off the “dog ears” to make less clutter when sewing. 

And then lastly, press the seams. I like to press mine open but some people like to press their to “the dark side” (lol, the dark side…)(Star Wars for those who don’t know). 

And voilà! You have 2 hst!

What’s really great about these is that there are endless possibilities for patterns!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please comment below!

And as always, 

Make it with love!

Amy Harrison

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