On the mend

I have been battling a sick household for over a week now and I’ve even joined in myself, as most moms eventually do. So I haven’t made a lot of progress with my own projects. I have been daydreaming on Pinterest again and I found this amazing quilt idea from Sandra Clemons. She has had this quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine and gives more details about it on her blog, Make it Blossom. What a lovely idea and a fantastic way to use up some scraps! This might have bumped a couple other projects out of the way as this would be an incredibly cute mini quilt or baby quilt idea!

As far as my own projects go, I am thinking about using a HST (half square triangle) pattern to go with the owl panel from the Thicket collection I have. I’m not quite sure on the colors but I’m pretty sure that I want to have black points like the owl does. I found one block that might be a possibility here on Knit ‘n Lit’s site, pictured below.

These panels have such potential and I can’t wait to figure out just the right idea for them! What’s the longest that you’ve taken in developing a project? Comment below and post a link to your finished product!

As for me, I’ll be daydreaming on Pinterest and maybe working on something small. My daughter wants me to make her a new dress, so maybe I can handle that. I’ll be sure to post pictures of it once we get underway!

Take care peeps and make it with love!


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