The Beginning

So here it is, the beginning of my business adventure as Babes in Okie! It is overwhelming at times trying to figure out what steps to take but I’m slowly getting there. This venture will be a blog and also a place to introduce my Etsy shop. I would like to share tutorials and tips as well as some of my handmade items that I have enjoyed making. This has been a long time coming! For years I have made gifts for family and friends and I’ve often been told, “You should sells these! You could make money doing this!” So here I am, giving it a real go!

I plan to post about some past projects first and then I will start working toward newer content.

Thank you all so much for stopping by to help me on my way and please come back to see what’s coming up next!

You can also follow me through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and in my Etsy shop!!

Warm wishes!

Amy Harrison

*Proud Small Business Owner!*

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